The purpose of leading
is to enable people

Astrid Müller – Trainer and consultant from Aachen

The purpose of leading
is to enable people

Astrid Müller – Trainer and consultant from Aachen

The purpose of leading
is to enable people

Astrid Müller – Trainer and consultant from Aachen

Nurturing your uniqueness is a challenge and opportunity.

Through humor and the development of clear insight my programs help you to gain new perspectives on the challenges you face. I have been leading training programs in leadership and conflict management since 2000. My experience includes working with a range of organizations in providing training, coaching and consulting services.

My passion is to work with my clients to find customized solutions that work for each organizational situation, as every company and person has their own requirements. Sometimes I have the impression that in trying to solve organizational problems we search for the missing puzzle pieces to fill in the empty spaces. While in hindsight these solutions may make sense, a future oriented perspective recognizes a higher level of complexity requiring greater flexibility.

My programs provide you the confidence you need to reflect on your goals and behavior patterns. My joy is in getting to know you, boosting your courage and supporting your growth.

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What clients are saying

You are opening new windows for me, which allows me a new, sharper look onto my life.

Ulrich Engelmann
PhD Student in Physics - RWTH Aachen (Aachen Technical University)

A high degree of personal experience in handling conflicts. Optimal guidance of the group through its processes. High expertise and competence.

R. Schalk,
Sales, Conflict Management Workshop for the Academy for Managers

For me, an inner knot got untied, which was hindering my career and leadership. Thank you, and I look forward to next time.

J. Meier,
Sales Manager, Leadership Training for the Academy for Managers

The HOW makes the different.

My trainings and consulting services have a practical orientation. I always start from wherever you are at and tailor programs to progress from this point. I support you in the process of re-discovering your power to act. However implementation requires your courage and trust.

The systemic consulting approach is the foundation of my work. This means that your actions, like a little stone falling into a mountain lake, makes a difference for the entire organization. The waves of your positive and courageous behavior influence everyone around you and thereby change the workplace itself. My goal to provide you the opportunity to experience this on a personal level. My workshops offer you the opportunity to experience yourself using various tools in different situations and to engage in experimentation. This allows for deeper learning and insights which you can then implement directly. I ask precise questions which will sharpen your insight and enable you to develop focused forward thinking. Through this process, valuable Ideas and perspectives can arise. For me, working with you means to support you in your uniqueness. I offer professional support for your personal unfolding. I see this as a special opportunity, to find new ideas and share new experiences together. To accomplish this, I use my extensive experience in industry, administration, academic, and health sectors.

I support you ...

Impulse for movement.

Do you want to change something and grow personally? Use my services - “Able to Move” is specialized in tackling challenging and sensitive issues. Together, we work to achieve your goals in human resources and organizational development. As an In-house Trainer, Conflict Mediator, Consultant or Coach.

Leadership is the art of winning people’s minds and hearts to achieve a common goal. This requires empathy and the clarity to understand and develop staff competencies, while keeping your own personal and professional objectives in focus. This program will help you to identify how you are currently influencing those you work with and develop effective approaches for winning people over. The determining success factor in leadership is the genuine interest you demonstrate in your colleagues, which enables them to grow and develop their skills. In this session, you will learn to ask the right questions and to put yourself into your colleagues’ shoes – which leads to new perspectives.

I will support you in

  • learning to value individual gifts
  • learning to harmonize different speeds of working-rhythm
  • carrying out decisions with courage and clarity of goal objectives
  • taking up leadership for yourself and others.

I recommend clients take the full cycle of leadership training modules to deeply anchor your leadership growth.

Link to Leadership Brochure

Coaching can provide you with a new direction. It enables you to make progress even in difficult situations. Sometimes doing things as you have always done them may be unhelpful. In our coaching sessions, I will assist you in decision-making by helping you to clearly identify problems and issues and focus your attention on potential solutions. Coaching helps to unveil your hidden potential, where stumbling blocks and conflicts are viewed as challenges and can be critically questioned. And then you can let go of them! You will be able to adapt new perspectives and set new priorities. The process will help you to develop new strengths to refill your gas tank and identify creative solutions. At the same time, you will develop and sharpen your leadership skills.

I will support you in:

  • unfolding your hidden resources
  • finding ways out of the labyrinth of your work and personal life
  • identifying and implementing your goals

Coaching objects can include: career planning, visioning, job applications, conflict resolution, leadership, organizational development, etc.

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People and organizations profit from a range of experiences. Our workforce consists of employees who are diverse in their place of origin, training, personal goals, gender, culture, and language. This diversity can serve to create a dynamic and creative organization. A respectful handling of similarities and differences is required to achieve this goal. Mastering the challenges of diversity can enable your company to successfully adapt to the rapidly changing business realities on both a local and international level.

The program will enable employees to:

  • foster openness
  • recognize differences as strengths
  • adapt to rapidly changing markets
  • relate to client and customer diversity

The time is ripe to think outside the box. We cannot continue to look away from the confusion that sometime comes with market, research and leadership challenges. Increasingly, organizational changes are moving to greater, rather than less, complexity. To understand what this means requires new ways of thinking and the ability to reflect on one’s own workstyle. Leaders need a management style which supports and help make innovation possible.

You must be able to differentiate:

  • What is the difference between a complicated and a complex task?
  • What kind of complexity drivers are involved?
  • What can I do when cause and effect thinking is the clouding the situation?

It helps to use creative thinking and agile methods:

  • Experimental approach and tolerate uncertainty
  • Activating creative teams and implement communication with the different parties
  • Modeling and visualizing complex tasks
  • Establish a culture that tolerates mistakes

Ignoring conflicts can be very expensive. A KPMG study, in cooperation with E.ON, illustrates this in numbers. Hiding can negatively influence the moral of the team, increase staff turnover and limit the achievement of performance goals. Conflicts can give valuable insight and expand your perspective. They help you to reflect upon your own point of view and incorporate other views, which typically lead to more creative solutions. If you have the courage to approach and address conflict as a manager, it will demonstrate your commitment and responsibility to solve problems particularly in challenging situations. This approach enables you to develop increased tolerance toward others, as dissenting opinions are viewed as opportunities for enrichment rather than signs of trouble. Engaging on this very uneven path of conscious conflict-work is worthwhile, for yourself and for those you work with, as it opens new perspectives and the possibility for innovation.

My conflict seminars aim at:

  • Clarifying your own and the interests of others
  • Enable you to develop new perspectives
  • experience the generative impact of working together to identify creative solutions.

Both mergers and acquisitions and new working conditions (i.e. digitalisation, part time work and increasing internationalization) call for the ability to respond in a highly flexible manner. A lot of time and money is wasted because teams are insufficiently prepared for change. As a result, misunderstandings lead to mistrust and passive resistance.

I assist you in

  • enabling teams to cooperate on a common ground
  • acquiring clarity from discrepancy
  • creating a climate that encourages direct communication by using inspiring methods to build trust.

Horses and employees like to feel secure when they work with you as a leader.  Horses are perfect to help as co- trainers, as they are instinctively aware of the smallest human nonverbal signals and will quickly react to them. They are a wonderful mirror for your leadership abilities and authority. With the horses’ feedback, you can become aware of your soft skills and behavioral patterns. Horses simply follow direction or refuse cooperation – it depends on you. They help to shorten the coaching process by directly responding (or not) to your requests. This creates an impression that is burned into your memory and will have a long-term effect.

The sessions include:

  • Feedback from group members and video-analysis which will facilitate the transfer of learning into daily work and personal life.
  • The horses will not be ridden and pervious experience with horses is not necessary.

Watch our film about horse coaching

Listen to podcast (German) about the benefits of horse coaching

Horse coaching flyer

  • Hope Project, New Dehli, India
  • Hope Project, Srinagar, Kashmir
  • Sufi Saint School, Ajmer, India

Link to Blog “India”

My Background



Horse Coaching an effective training for leaders.

Conflict solutions training, seminars and workshops.


  • a review of your leadership competence
  • leading is a kind of art

Leadership competence is important. High expectations are placed upon you, right from the start of your career and implicitly or explicitly you are expected to give nothing less than your very best from the first day in this new role. Nowadays you have the chance to further build on your strength and explore your own leadership style.
You will have the opportunity to

  • focus on your goals
  • develop your own profile
  • make clear decisions
  • win your employees
  • self image versus the picture that others have of you
  • delegating and motivating

Participants should be prepared for a high degree of „learning by doing“.

Learning about

  • different leadership styles
  • preparing and leading conversations
  • feedback as a leadership instrument
  • goals and milestones

RWTH Aachen Center for Doctoral Studies


This training aims to show how to improve skills for dealing with conflicts. Based on examples and case studies in a business context, participants have the possibility to reflect their own conflict management abilities. This will result in a better understanding of their own and their counterpart’s conflict behavior, so that they can reflect their reactions to complicated situations.


Leaders and their teams are more effective when conflicts become visible and are used as an instrument for growth. Only then are people empowered to manage the difficulties of every day business together. The value of conflicts can be to bring  different perspectives and the chance of development.

In this workshop participants will learn to recognize the first signals of animosities and conflicts and find solutions for the problems that ensue.

  • Seeing the opportunities of conflicts
  • How do conflicts evolve?
  • Recognising conflicts and seeing the part you and others play
  • How am I contributing to the development of conflicts?
  • Recognising the dynamics of escalation
  • Managing conflicts constructively
  • How to say “No”!

Helpful techniques 

  • Methods for de-escalation
  • Symptoms, reasons, forms, of different conflicts
  • Separating the factual and the emotional level
  • Handling conflict conversations


Participants should be prepared for a high degree of „learning by doing“. I would like to invite them to bring their personal case studies in order to find a new approach.

Our success is based on good partners.

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